May 27, 2009

Sarah, Quyhn, Jenny, Tara, Holly!

Sarah has pretty blonde hair naturally, so we do some very light highlights to brighten her up.  We did a little braid across the front to try something different for her! I did the braid on the outside so it would look like a headband.
Here is Quynh and baby Liam (I haven't cut his hair yet, that is Boy Taylor's department!) Her hair has grown out a little here, but she has a fun cut so I had to post it.  Her hair used to be down to her waist!  

This is my fabulous cousin Jenny's hair!  We always get to do something fun... she is naturally light brown but we took her to a glossy dark brown and did a very layered bob!  The last hair cut was one length, so this was a big change!  She loved it!

The always FABulous Tara!  I wish I could claim that gorgeous color, but it is all natural!  I can claim the long layers, though!  She is so good about fixing it every day, so she is great advertisement for me! 
My friend Amy's daughter Holly, who just graduated from high school!  She also has color that is naturally gorgeous.  She wears her hair naturally curly about 99% of the time, so I gave her a cut that had long layers that blended in so it works straight or curly.
Here are some of the lovely ladies I have styled recently.  I have been a bad hair blogger, but I will try to do better!  I am always working on Stella's stuff, or relaxing after work!  We have been very busy at the shop... we have been doing our regular clientele, but we have also done a few fashion shows recently.  Dead Swanky was the only salon who did the hair for the LIVE UNITED Mason's Fashion Show, which was great!  Then, last week, Dead Swanky along with Studio 8 did all the hair for Rock The Runway!  It was at the Botanical Gardens.  I will try to get some pictures of both events to post.  Hope everyone has a great day!