April 12, 2009

Some cute girls... including Stella!

This is Taylor cutting Marcy's bangs before dinner on Friday night... with his knife!  He really is a handy man!!

Molly B.
I had to put these pictures up of her little braid!

April M.
Laura H.
She is so fabulous! 

These are just some random pictures from the last week or so... I have some great clients who don't mind me taking their pictures :)  Taylor says I should upload a video of how I curl hair with a flat iron to show his clients.  What do you guys think?   Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

April 07, 2009

Braids, Braids, Braids!

Kate Hudson 
Mary Kate Olsen and Blake Lively with tiny braids
Isla Fisher
Hayden Panettiere, Mary Kate Olsen, Sarah Jessica Parker

A great way to spice up the hairstyle you already have is to try adding a braid.  This works on almost any hair length.  It is also a great way to squeeze one more day out of your blowout!  If you are not too sure about the braids, first try out some tiny ones like Blake Lively's.  Start with a pencil-size section of hair about an inch or two away from your face in the part. lift away from the rest of the hair and braid.  Secure with a clear or rubber elastic.  This looks very cute when you pile the rest of your hair in a messy bun, too.  If you know how to french braid, try doing a braid across the front of your hair like Hayden Panettiere.  Start with a deep part, and section the hair from the hairline to about 1 and 1/2 inch away from hairline.  I prefer to braid "inside out" so you get a raised braid, almost like a cornrow.  Secure behind your ear with an elastic.  Sometimes it is easier to braid towel dried hair to keep it smooth.  Start with a light styling cream, do the braid, then let the rest of the hair air dry.  When it is dry, take a curling iron or flat iron and spiral some loose waves onto the top layer of your hair.  Don't worry about it being too perfect, a little messiness is a good thing.  And....  Voila!  Gorgeous, stylish hair with little effort!  

April 02, 2009

Dead Swanky!

Sarah R.
Kerastase products
Shu Uemura products

Dawn H.
Lee D.
Amy B.
Stacy W.

These are some hair styles from the last few days... as you can see, I love the long bobs and the long waves!  Also, I put some pictures of the salon up, along with some pictures of our amazing product lines... Kerastase and Shu Uemura.  They are amazing products.  Kerastase is all about healthy hair- we have a full line of treatments to repair anything from dandruff, to breakage, to volumizing!  These products really make a difference if your hair is damaged or dry.  Once you use them, you are usually hooked!