June 16, 2009

More Lovely Ladies!

Here are some more of my fabulous clients and their recent styles.  I am loving getting to show off some of my work!  Hope you enjoy!
xoxo, Taylor

Brittany is one of my girls who drives all the way from Russellville to get her hair done!  She is pretty blonde naturally, so we do several colors of blonde to give her hair dimension.

Laura is a natural redhead, but sometimes I put a gloss on it to darken it up a bit... she tends to go blonder naturally!  Her hair is VERY thick, so we do lots of layers so she can keep it long.  Gorgeous!

Susan has even thicker hair than Laura's!  She is also a natural redhead, but we brightened her up a lot for the summer with some very blonde highlights.  

Leslie just let me color her hair "bombshell blonde"... I think it turned out so pretty!
Alicia loves dimension, so we get to do some fun color on her.  The contrast of the lowlights to the blonde is so much fun!  Also love her sideswept fringe!
Brandy lets me do whatever I want to her hair- a hairdresser's dream!  We darkened it, took several inches off, and added a thick, straight down fringe.  I can't wait to see what we decide to do next time!  She rocks!

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  1. gorgeous girls with fabulous hair! love les's new color!


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