December 10, 2009

Blondies and How To Tease!

Both of these gorgeous girls, Karrie and Kim, have really fabulous hair. When they come in, they are very laid back and let me do whatever I want. A hairstylist's dream!

I love doing blonde highlights. These girls both have cool blonde and pale golden highlights, and Kim has a few dark blonde lowlights as well. I like to keep their hair long, but with face framing layers so they can wear their hair wavy or naturally straight.

Also, both of these girls have very silky, fine hair, and I love to tease their hair to give it a little extra oomph!

How to tease your hair:
You need a fine tooth tail comb (see a few posts previous) and hairspray. Take a clip and section off your hair from the temples around. Spray the roots with hairspray. Take vertical sections and backcomb, starting close to the roots, and building up like a ladder. Continue all the way around, then let down the top section. Spray roots again and repeat the backcombing in vertical sections. This way, you get volume on the sides as well as the lift at your crown! Don't forget to check the back to make sure you don't have any wierd holes or backcombing showing... hey, us girls can't give away ALL our secrets, right?!

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