December 10, 2009

Easy Party Hair and a cute bob!

My friend Marcy had me fix her hair for her work Christmas party today. She wanted something a little more special than every day hair... so we did this messy side knot. To do yourself:
Tease hair all over, focusing on the crown. Curl all of your hair with a flat iron or 1" curling iron, taking horizontal sections and curling away from your face.
Grab hair on the side you want the messy knot to be. Shake loosely and let some pieces fall around the fringe area. (Careful... you don't want "tendrils"!) Twist hair into a half bun with the ends very loose. Start adding in bobby pins at the base of the knot. Once it is secure, pile up the rest of the curled ends and pin them in randomly. Voila! You can add a brooch or feather clip for an added touch!

The gorgeous bob haircut was done by my friend Sean at Dead Swanky. He is an amazing precision cutter and can cut in a neckline like no other! I had to post this fabulous do. She loved it, of course!

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